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by Lila on June 23, 2014

The 52 Project - 25/52“A portrait of my baby boy, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

June 17, 2014: When I went to the pediatrician for Grayson’s six month appointment the doctor told me it was time to lower the mattress in Grayson’s crib. My reaction to this news caught me off guard. I didn’t want to lower the mattress. I lean in and whisper in his ear when he is going to sleep. I kiss his forehead when I head to bed. I nozzle into his neck when he wakes up.

It struck me that his age and maturity is somewhat measured by how he has slept. Starting in our bedroom in a small cradle that looked big with his newborn body nestled into it. When he moved into his own room and bigger crib, it was huge. The distance was scary. It was going to be so much harder to listen for his breathing in the middle of the night. Now he has hit another small milestone, he has grown up a little bit more. It has happened so fast.

I took this picture when we got home before setting Grayson on the floor, getting out my tools, and adjusting his crib.

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