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46/52, 47/52, 48/52, 49/52

by Lila on January 7, 2015

46/52 - The 52 Project“A portrait of my baby boy, once a week, every week in 2014.”

It is a new year already. How did that happen. Entering the world of toddlerhood has been a wild ride. Very little time to sit and write. To take time for me. Also filled with laughter and trips to the park because they keep us smiling and sane. These days have tested my patience and lifted my heart. What is a girl to do.  But luckily I have held onto my camera as the days have flown passed. These photos are finding a new home outside the black box that has held them, although most of the photos from December remain captive…

November 16th, 2014: I have been meaning to wrap Jeff and I up in lights for a Christmas photo for years now. This year seemed the perfect time. I thought for sure Grayson would be entranced by all the little bulbs and play with them for hours while the 10 seconds flashed on the autotimer. He was less interested in the Christmas lights and more interested in the light on the camera, counting down the seconds. For the first 8 seconds he thought the light was hilarious, he would laugh and laugh. But then, at the last moment he would become very serious. We had to resort to tickling.

47/52 - The 52 ProjectNovember 25th, 2014: Having those baby blues peek out at me is probably the saving grace of all difficult moments. Grayson loves to play peek-a-boo. ducking down below my legs or holding a blanket up in front of him. It is the sweetest game.

48/52 - The 52 ProjectNovember 30th, 2014: This kid is so lucky to be surrounded by so much love. Watching these two spend time together reminds me of all the things I deeply love about my momma. She crawls on the floor, makes funny noises, waves dramatically from great distances. She is not afraid to be childlike, doesn’t care whose watching.

49/52 - The 52 ProjectDecember 2nd, 2014: I thought it might be a little early for a favorite toy, but I was wrong. He loves this firetruck. So much. There is a button that makes the lights flash. It is brightly colored. At one time it even had a ladder that rotated around on top of it. A lovely neighbor of ours actually brought over a bag of toys he was letting go of. “Just the best stuff, don’t want to load you down with junk,” he said as he dropped it off. And he was right. A handled paper bag of some very sweet toys. Such a kind act of neighborliness.

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