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50/51, 51/52, 52/52

by Lila on January 10, 2015

50/52 - The 52 Project“A portrait of my baby boy, once a week, every week in 2014.”

And as quickly as it arrived it has gone. A year in the life of our family, a year in the life of motherhood, a year in the life of this little being who changes in front of my eyes each day. I’m so grateful for this project. It helped me capture these moments and take the time to regularly look at and write about the little things.

December 6th, 2014 – Grayson had an epic birthday party. Friends and family filled our home at a volume unseen before. It was vibrant and packed and full of love. (Thank you to my brother-in-law for getting behind the camera to capture so many precious moments, including the one above.)

51/52 - The 52 ProjectDecember 12th, 2014 – Traditions are important to me. I love them. There is something about the anticipation, knowing how much you love a moment and repeating it anew year after year. For us, picking out a Christmas tree is one of those traditions. The cold air, the hanging lights… magic. Grayson walked the lot with his Dada, carrying the giant measuring stick and placing against tree after tree.

52/52 - The 52 ProjectDecember 25th, 2014: Christmas morning tackling Dada surrounded by lights and boxes and family. Nuf said.

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This is me, caught up and ready to march into 2015! Thanks for hanging in there with me :) Happy New Year!

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