about me.

About Montage

Hi — I’m Lila — thanks for checking out Lingering Daydreams!

The Unabridged Version:

I love farmers’ markets, playing ice hockey, hikes in my hood & adventures. With a penchant for the handcrafted, I crave learning but I’m always trying to finish up my lastest project! I’m a low key kind of girl. Can’t leave the house without: glasses, chapstick & my trusty iphone.

Bay Area born and raised, I’m happy to call San Francisco my home – the Mister and I just bought a house in the cute little Glen Park area. On weekends you can find us with family & friends, on a local adventure, or fixing up our new digs.

I started Lingering Daydreams in 2009 as a way to record inspiration. Today, this blog serves a gentle reminder to live in the present. I truly believe you make your own magic & this is where I document mine.

The Quick & Dirty Version:

I’m a freaking rockstar badass DIY’er. I live in San Francisco, and this is my life.