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{dear grayson} you are 10 months old

by Lila on October 29, 2014

Monthly Baby Photo - 10 monthsDear Grayson,

You are a beautiful little human and I am bewildered by how quickly time is passing. Do I write that in every letter?

You look more and more like a little boy. You take steps while holding onto furniture. It started at Noni’s house over the course of Uncle B’s birthday weekend. You were pulling up to standing over and over on the couch. The next minute you were taking little wobbly steps along its edge. We keep thinking you are going to let go and waddle¬†your first steps any day now.

Food fascinates you. You chew it up, spit it out, and crumple it in your hands to study with great curiosity. I try to not react, not encourage this charming habit, but it is hard not to smile when you look at me as if to say, “Look! Isn’t it amazing.”

Our mornings are peaceful. You wake-up bright and early, usually a little before six and I bring you into bed with me and dada. You are a sweet snuggler. We lay there, you head on my chest, sucking your thumb until you get hungry. Then you nurse and we are up. While I make breakfast you play. I am amazed by how independent you are. I sneak peeks, careful to remain hidden as you chirp at your blocks and books.

One morning at the park I started giving you high fives as you swung toward me. You laughed and laughed. Now you stick your hand up when you hear the words and a smile spreads across your face.

You are my little love. Snuggles and high-fives are my favorites. Sleep is getting better. There is a witching hour around 5:00 where we go on adventures to distract you from being grumpy. Your thumb rarely leaves your mouth except to smile or speak. You wave at people and then stop when they look at you.

I cannot get enough.



Monthly Baby Photo - 10 months Monthly Baby Photo - 10 months Monthly Baby Photo - 10 months

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