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{dear grayson} you are 5 months old

by Lila on May 7, 2014

Monthly baby photo idea - Month 5Dear baby boy,

Smiles and laughter have filled this month. I love it. You started the month rolling from your back to your tummy. Now you flip back and forth and shuffle along the floor. You are so ticklish, your knees and your neck and your belly.

You had your first full fledged conversation with Shea. We hiked along the coast, you strapped to my chest and Shea strapped to Kristen. You turned to her, laughed, and started talking. The two of you took turns, listening and squawking. It was the first time you seemed to really notice each other.

You grab your toes and sleep on your tummy. You are such a big boy. Peach fuzz is coming in on the top of your head, with long strands sticking out beyond the others.

Peek-a-boo is your new favorite game. You are so patient. I love you.


Your Mama

Monthly baby photo idea - Month 5Monthly baby photo idea - Month 5Monthly baby photo idea - Month 5 You can read Grayson’s 1 month letter here, his 2 month here, his three month here, and his four month here.

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