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{dear grayson} you are 6 months old

by Lila on June 19, 2014

Monthly Baby Photo - 6 monthsDear baby Grayson,

You are growing up so fast, right in front of my eyes. For the first time I have had flashes of what you will look like as you get older. I am so excited for our conversations, adventures, and the stories we will tell each other. But each moment of joyful anticipation is paired with an immediate pang of how fleeting these precious moments are. I can’t wait to watch you grow up and I want you to stay exactly how you are all at the same time.

This month marked your first solid food experience. Avocado. You loved it. You have loved everything you have tried so far; the first bite always accompanied by a face like you have just bit into a lemon, but quickly followed by a grin and an open mouth wanting more. Raspberries, fresh peas, and cherries are just a few of your favorites.

You’ve managed to get your toes into your mouth this month. And that is not the only thing. Hand-to -mouth is your new favorite game, anything you can get your hands on is quickly deposited. The other thing you have figured out how to get into your mouth is your lower lip. You suck on it, making it disappear below your upper lip, but not able to hide a grin.

You have a fascination with my green water bottle. You can spot it across the room and stare at it while I drink. Now you have your own that you are slowly learning how to use. As of this month you are, occasionally, sitting in the big boy stroller. It makes you look small again.

You have worked and worked on sitting up. You would reach out for my hands, pull yourself up, flop back, and then start the game again.

The best part of these moments now is the connection. You are engaged and engaging. You make more eye contact and have more expressions. Once, in the frozen yogurt shop I looked down to find you staring up at me with a huge grin on your face. I had you on my hip in a sling. I kissed your forehead, smiled, and went back to my conversation with Kristin. When I glanced back down at you, your eyes were still locked on me. You giggled, my heart melted, and I squeezed you tight.

Sleep is still hard, your smiles seem to get bigger everyday, you love to study Calla, and you sometimes explode with loud long notes, especially when we are in public.

I love you bunches.


Your Mama

Monthly Baby Photo - 6 months Monthly Baby Photo - 6 months Monthly Baby Photo - 6 monthsYou can read Grayson’s 1 month letter here, his 2 month here, his three month here, his four month here, and his five month here.

Monthly Baby Photo - First 6 months

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