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{dear grayson} you are 7 months old

by Lila on July 16, 2014

Monthly Baby Photo - 7 monthsDear baby boy,

You are officially mobile. You’ve got your army crawl down, sometimes you even pop up to your knees. To my surprise, this milestone has increased your frustration. You are so close to being able to roam free, you can taste it.

You can sit-up like a pro, but getting from crawling to sitting is a work in progress. Right now it is the dry-land equivalent of a belly flop. The thud that follows always makes me jump and I work hard to control my reaction. “Bump!” I say as I force a smile and give a kiss.

You’ve started to turn when you hear your name. The first time it happened I struggled to believe you knew I talking to you, but as the month went on it became clear you knew what was up.

There is a basket of stuff in your room that you love to explore. It is filled to the brim with everyday items we collected from around the house. Your favorite is the large wooden spoon we nabbed from the kitchen. You take one thing out at a time, deposit it directly into your mouth, bang it around, and then reach for the next item. It is part of our daily ritual.

Your favorite toys outside of that basket are your rinky links. They have kept you happy through diaper changes, car rides, and stroller adventures.

We are learning sign language together. Every Sunday a group of families join us at our home and we learn a new set of signs. You sit with me or your dada and stare intently at the instructor or giggle at the other babies filling the room. I love it, learning another way to communicate with you.

You woke up in a tent for the first time this month, wedged between me and your papa. You loved it. You crawled over us and patted our faces. You didn’t sleep much.

You are filled with joy and a desire you explore. You are curious and loving. You have this excitement, sometimes you take in quick, deep breaths like you can’t wait for what comes next. Your highs are high and your lows are low. In some tearful moments we just sit and rock in the green chair.

You are oh-so-loved.


Your Mama

Monthly Baby Photo - 7 monthsMonthly Baby Photo - 7 monthsMonthly Baby Photo - 7 months You can read Grayson’s 1 month letter here, his 2 month here, his three month here, his four month here, his five month here, and his six month here.

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