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{dear grayson} you are 9 months old

by Lila on September 10, 2014

Monthly Baby Photo - 9 monthsDear Grayson,

You have turned into a big boy in front of my eyes. Your top two teeth came in, changing your smile. Your eyes glisten with curiosity. You pull away from me and reach for the ground. But once your feet hit you still call out, reaching for the safety of my arms and I happily sweep you back up.

Last month you pulled up to standing and now you are letting go. You pull yourself up, look around, release your grip, and let out a squeal of excitement and nerves. It happened first at Gigi and Gogo’s house. Now it happens constantly and the nerves are fading into confidence.

You listen to stories now. Your favorite is Little Owl Lost. We sit in the green chair, your head against my chest and body relaxed, my legs propped up on the red pouf and arms wrapped around you. These are some of my favorite moments.

You also feed yourself. It started with fistfuls of Cheerios and now you pinch each bite and stick it into your mouth before the last one has been swallowed. You have a passion for cheese. We went to lunch with Gigi and you ran out of snacks. You clearly wanted more and Gigi did not hesitate to get you the very fancy and very delicious cheese plate. There was doubt that you would like the pungent, rich morsels. The first one surprised you, but after that you quickly consumed every last bite.

Your love of music grows stronger and stronger with the passage of time. At the park, I beat on the red merry-go-round like a drum and you laugh, throwing your head back with delight. Your dada plays the uke and you traverse our home to find him and strum the strings.

You wave now, your little hand hinged at the wrist. Your love of water remains. Your thumb is a serious source of comfort. We have begun sleep training again. It is hard, but seems important.

I love you more than words can say.


Your Mama

Monthly Baby Photo - 9 monthsMonthly Baby Photo - 9 monthsMonthly Baby Photo - 9 months

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