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{diy} mr. & mrs. ring boxes

by Lila on August 29, 2013


DIY-Ring-BoxesI was so honored to help out with Nick & Sharilyn’s wedding by making these charming mr. & mrs. ring boxes. I was completely inspired by the ring bearer box Sharilyn had pinned and immediately had an idea. The happy couple was planning on having two fabulous little ones as their two handsome ring bearers. I thought it would be sweet if they each had their own box, one for the mister and one for the missus. The rope handles allowed the little ones to hold the boxes and the wood grain gave the boxes character.


  • Wooden boxes (I found these at Joanne Fabrics)
  • Rope (hardware store)
  • Stain (hardware store)
  • White Paint Pen (crafting store)
  • Sponge brush
  • Rag


  • Drill
  • .25″ drill bit
  • Small screw driver
  • Hot Glue Gun

DIY-Steps-Ring-BoxesSTEP 1 – Drill Holes for Handle

Pre drill your holes before using the large drill bit so that the lid doesn’t split.

STEP 2 – Remove Hardware

Be careful to keep the small screws, hinges, and clasps somewhere safe while you stain your box.

STEP 3 – Stain

Use a sponge brush to apply the stain and quickly wipe it off with a rag. Be careful if you purchase a dark stain and a light wood box. The longer it is on, the darker it will get. The mister was kind enough to stain the boxes for me. Didn’t want his prego wife inhaling the fumes.

STEP 4 – Cut & Tie Rope Handles

Cut two pieces of rope that are the same length. Then thread them one at a time through the two holes. Tie knots at the end to secure the handle.

STEP 5 – Reattach Hardware

You can do this before or after attaching the handle.

STEP 6 – Write Mr. & Mrs.

Use the white paint pen to write Mr. and Mrs. on the interior of the box lids. This detail made for some beautiful pictures and video!

STEP 7 – Cut Batting

Cut batting to fit the width of the box and fold over multiple times to create a pillow for the rings to rest on.

STEP 8 – Cover Cushion with Burlap

Cut out a piece of burlap that is 2 inches larger than the final pillow. Cut the corners of the burlap, leaving some overlap. Using a hot glue gun, attach the burlap to the pillow by gluing the edges to the bottom side of the batting.

STEP 9 – Secure Pillow to Box

Hot glue the pillow into the box, tucking the corners carefully in place.

Last, but certainly not least, here are the cuties that carried the boxes with the happy couple.


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