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{joint birthday party} menu

by Lila on October 17, 2014

Birthday Menu - Tomato Tartlet{Heirloom tomato tartlet}

So I love food. Planing a party menu is often one of my favorite things; looking for recipes and deciding if they fit together. The hosts of this joint party know how to do food. Every bit was insanely delicious. Chris spent a couple years in cooking school, so that certainly doesn’t hurt. Kristin at one point planned to open her own little market. Needless to say, they know their grub.

The starters included these lovely heirloom tomato tartlets, unfilled potato crisps, and a gorgeous cheese plate served on a slate platter. They were easy foods to grab and eat, which was great given the large number of guests. Many of the mains were great grab-and-go items as well, like the assorted grilled sausages. Chris’s homemade bread was a show stopper. Every recipe is being added to my party index, too good to not be repeated.

Kristin’s thoughtful details added to the incredible menu. Given the large number of younger guests, she prepared a kids’ menu. Tasty mac n’ cheese, which I think ended up being enjoyed by adults and children alike, and pb & j squares were a hit with the itty bittys.

At the bar their were three signature cocktails, one for each guest of honor. In celebration of Chris, there was a big bottle of Maker’s Mark next to a bowl of giant square ice cubes. Kristin’s signature drink was a classic Greyhound, grapefruit juice and vodka. Not to be left out, Shea’s celebratory drink was homemade watermelon agua fresca.

Birthday Menu - Potato Skins{Potato crisps, without the filling}

Main Menu:

Heirloom tomato tartlet 
Assorted cheeses, olives, spicy tomato jam
Potato crisps (without the filling)

Tri-tip with homemade bread
Assorted grilled sausages
Grilled vegetables & Israeli couscous salad 
French potato salad 

Birthday Menu - Couscous Salad{Grilled vegetables & Israeli couscous salad}

Kids Menu:
Macaroni and cheese 
PB & J’s
Fruit salad

The food was incredible as was the thoughtfulness that went into every bite. Don’t be surprised if you see that couscous salad showing up at my baby’s birthday in the not-so-distant future. Yum!

Don’t miss the inspiration and paperless invites of this joint birthday bash!

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