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{oscar party} what to wear

by Lila on February 28, 2014

What to wear to an oscar partyWhat to wear to an event is often a puzzle I am unsure how to solve. I love having something that makes me feel snazzy, but it isn’t in my natural wheel house the way diys and invite design are. Enter¬†Kate¬†from Undeniable Style. I am excited to be teaming up with her this year to select and style what I will wear to the parties I plan for my celebrate series. This month the challenge was what to wear to this weekend’s Oscar Party. She nailed it.

What to wear to an oscar partyOn the invitation I called it “red carpet casual.” A viewing party is the perfect event to have a little fun. You can be fancy and funky. There are no rules.

What to wear to an oscar partyMy motivation for working with Kate has to do with my search for my own personal style. When I was younger I was a hardcore tomboy. I lived in clothes that were easy to play sports in. As a result I didn’t start thinking about what I wore until I got older and even then I ran into some difficulty. In college, I was a jeans and sweatshirt kind of girl. Then, when I started my career as a teacher, I shopped for clothes that I thought a teacher would wear; clothes that would help parents take me seriously even though I was still in my early twenties. One day I woke up, looked in my closet, and realized that I didn’t have the clothes that I wanted. I had the clothes I thought I should have.

What to wear to an oscar partyNow that I am a little older, I know myself better and have a better idea for what I want to wear, but I am stuck in old patterns. I have a hard time breaking out of the box that I so neatly packaged myself in. Working with Kate is amazing. Not only has she known me since I was born (we are only 4 months apart), but she also has incredible taste that I respect and trust. She is able to push me out of my comfort zone while remaining true to my personality. What does that mean? It means I bought I full length sequin skirt (that I am now obsessed with) and will be wearing it with a cotton t-shirt and combat boots. Love it.

What to wear to an oscar partyKate also has a knack for accessories, which I often forget about completely. She has me styled from head to toe.

What to wear to an oscar partyThe best part about finding clothes that you love is how good you feel in them. I couldn’t get over how beautiful I felt. We sat in a coffee shop reviewing the photographs from our shoot and I was grinning from ear to ear. I couldn’t believe how confident I was and how much fun I had getting all dressed up for the first time since having my baby boy.

What to wear to an oscar partyInterested in getting this look? Be sure to stop by Kate’s blog for the details. If you would like help developing your personal style, finding an outfit for a specific occasion, or finding new ways to wear what you already own, check out Kate’s styling services. She is pretty incredible.

Don’t miss the rest of this Oscar Party series!

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Christie // Everything to Someone March 2, 2014 at 9:41 pm

Stunning! I love the unexpected combination of casual gray T with gold sequined skirt!


Lila March 3, 2014 at 11:59 am

Thank you! I have to give credit to Kate. It was the perfect look for me and without her I would never have bought a full length sequin skirt!


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