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{oyster party} diy bleach pattern napkins

by Lila on July 18, 2014

DIY - Bleach Pattern NapkinNothing like a beautiful napkin to set the tone for a dinner party. These diy napkins are simple, quick, and elegant. All you need are a stack of solid color napkins and a bleach pen. I went with blue as a nod to the ocean home of the oysters we will be enjoying during our backyard oyster party.

You can easily use the below technique to make any pattern you like. If you’re really ready to invest some time you can even sew your own napkins!
DIY: Bleach pattern napkin how-toMATERIALS:

  • Napkins (great deals can be found at Ross/TJ Max, you might even have some in your linen closet)
  • Bleach pen (you can use straight bleach as well, but the gel in the pen makes it easier to control your pattern)
  • Cardboard to protect your work area


[1] Gather your materials. When selecting your napkin be aware that different dyes will result in different colors around the edge of your pattern. I was surprised to find that the blue bleached to a coral red around the edge of my dots.

[2] Create patterns on the napkin using your bleach pen. Be sure that your work surface is covered. The bleach seeps through the fabric and will bleach anything below the napkin. Keep in mind that the bleach will spread when designing your pattern.

[3] Allow bleach to dry completely. As the bleach dries you will see the fabric change color and the your pattern soften around the edges. I let mine sit overnight before washing them.

[4] Wash and dry. I washed mine with a set of white shirts just in case the bleach decided to reactivate. Drying the napkins will set the bleach so it won’t continue to spread.

Be sure to check out my pinterest board for other great DIY projects!

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