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Photos = Magic

by Lila on September 18, 2015

Family PhotosMy memory is a funny thing. I have a knack for faces. Not where I last saw the face or why I might recognize the face, but I know that I now the face. I also have a collection of funny detailed memories from throughout my life. A conversation I had with a good friend while they signed my senior yearbook, the moment when I was tying my cleats before a soccer game and first saw Jeff, a random fight I had with my mom while trying to watch a recording of Dawson’s Creek. Strange, crystal clear moments.

Then there are gaps, things I have totally forgotten until reminded of. Not from recent history, but from college or high school or my childhood. This odd memory of mine has turned me into a photographer, a historian of my own life. It is why I love pictures, they bring me back into the moments I am afraid I might someday forget. They remind me of who I am and where I come from.

For this reason I treasure photos. The trick is getting in front of the lens. So… as I watched Grayson getting older and older I sent a note to one of my favorite photographers, Dave Medal, to ask if he would capture this phase of our life for us. Dave photographed our wedding, he is lovely, and he takes gorgeous photographs.

He came, he spent the morning with us doing what we do, and took the most beautiful photos. I don’t think I have enough wall space to hang¬†all the ones I want to display.¬†Family-Photo-7Family-Photo-6Family-Photo-5Family PhotosFamily PhotosFamily PhotosFamily-Photo-2Family Photos

Thank you Dave for capturing my family the way we are, for taking the photos that, years from now, will send me flying through time back to this time in our lives.

To see more of the pictures from our shoot with Dave, check out his blog.

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