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{go local} Half Moon Bay

by Lila on April 4, 2012

The mister and I have very full lives. We love everything we do: playing hockey, seeing family, hanging out with friends, working, cooking, sleeping. As a result, there is a syndrome we both suffer from, wanting to do everything. Sometimes this equation results in little time for the two of us to be alone.

This past weekend we decided to squeeze in a date on our way to have lunch with some good friends in San Jose. There is a wacky, giant shop that prominently features giant metal dinosaurs as you drive up. I have been wanting a little sculpture of some kind to have in our garden and I thought this would be the perfect spot to find one.

We started at our new favorite coffee shop, Trouble Coffee. The cinnamon toast alone is reason for the trip. And then there is the coffee. The outdoor seating is on giant pieces of driftwood. It reminds me of some of the places we went when we were in Hawaii.

Then we hit the road and drove down highway 1. CurvingĀ  along the vast expanse of coast, watching the waves churn and crash was a lovely way to spend a morning together. It hit me how much I love living here. Now I just have to learn how to surf.

We arrived at Spanish Town’s empty parking lot and were greeted by looming metal dinosaurs.

There were little shops filled with different types of art and unique types of sculpture, but I had come for the giant outdoor area. I had heard about this place from my mother-in-law, she said it stretched on forever and had described the giant metal sculptures. As we wandered around the back it became clear that she hadn’t exaggerated. The place went on and on and on, with more fountains, garden sculptures, and pots than I had ever seen in one location. It was a maze of intriguing items.

I fell in love the with the peacocks, Jeff wanted a dinosaur. We came home with this little guy. We named him Rocky.

After leaving Spanish Town we headed into the downtown area to look around. There my favorite find was an incredible feed store. It caught my eye immediately because of the sign hanging in their window that read, “We Sell Chickens.” After wandering around inside I found that they also sold chicken coops, heat lamps, feeders, geese, ducks, sandals, bridals. It was amazing. I’m going to be headed that way again to pick-up what I need to raise my backyard flock.

It was a gorgeous day with great company and we managed to do it all: have an adventure, go on a date, and make it to our lunch on time. What more can you ask for on a Sunday.

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Judy April 6, 2012 at 11:52 am

Feed & Fuel. I grew up in half moon bay, and when I was a kid we had rabbits and ducks. The smell in that place is “home” to me. Walking in there and inhaling is a step back into my childhood. I go there every chance I get when I’m in town. Glad you love it too.


Lila April 6, 2012 at 6:47 pm

I wish we could go there regularly and had room for all those animals! It really is such a great place. I can imagine Half Moon Bay would be a great place to grow up.


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