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{handmade} knit baby blanket

by Lila on March 30, 2012

There is a new little person in my world. I am so excited to be an aunt and now I have an extra inspiration for creating and crafting. After many months of needles and yarn, I completed this little blanket just in time for the little one.
The pattern turned out beautifully. I was drawn to the square within square design because it was reminiscent of a quilt. The shades of green complimented each other nicely and my hope is that the combination will help mask any future stains. The process took a turn when I lost the pattern half way through completing the blanket. I had to carefully count stitches and look back at previous rows to MacGyver my way through it. After being so happy with the result, I am disappointed to have lost the pattern! Maybe it will reappear again someday, it has got to be around here somewhere.
I can’t wait for the adventures I will get to share with baby Gavin!


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