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{dear grayson} you are 11 months old

April 23, 2015

So some time has gone by… my little one is now 16 months. It has taken me some time, but the photos had been taken, the letters written, and now the book is being printed! I cannot wait to have it in my hands. So here are the 11 month photos and letter.   Dear […]

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{dear grayson} you are 10 months old

October 29, 2014

Dear Grayson, You are a beautiful little human and I am bewildered by how quickly time is passing. Do I write that in every letter? You look more and more like a little boy. You take steps while holding onto furniture. It started at Noni’s house over the course of Uncle B’s birthday weekend. You […]

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{dear grayson} you are 9 months old

September 10, 2014

Dear Grayson, You have turned into a big boy in front of my eyes. Your top two teeth came in, changing your smile. Your eyes glisten with curiosity. You pull away from me and reach for the ground. But once your feet hit you still call out, reaching for the safety of my arms and […]

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{dear grayson} you are 8 months old

August 14, 2014

Dear Grayson, There is a new look in your eyes, a new awareness of the world. You’re growing in leaps and bounds. You swung from your first swing this month in a park by Aunt Tete’s house. You smiled and laughed and even shifted your weight back and forth, projecting yourself even higher into the […]

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{dear grayson} you are 7 months old

July 16, 2014

Dear baby boy, You are officially mobile. You’ve got your army crawl down, sometimes you even pop up to your knees. To my surprise, this milestone has increased your frustration. You are so close to being able to roam free, you can taste it. You can sit-up like a pro, but getting from crawling to […]

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